Autumn Springs (1-06)

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Items marked with * are not listed on game map; Hollow Knights are not listed on game map. NPCs marked with Q offer Quests; NPCs marked with R can be relocated (after any Quests are completed). Number of chests is known minimum; medium and large islands may (probably) have more.

Biome: Forest
Portals: 1 (Blue) To: Port of Caul (1-07)
Baby Araktula
Burning Bones
Greenhorn Grunt
Orange Slime
Venom Maggot
Hollow Knight: Fire

Plants Resources
Alabaster Mushroom
Carrot Field
Glimmer Tree
Ruby Tree
Copper Ore

Carl the Collector Q
Lonely Lenny
Mora the Mage M
Phylis the Hunter Q
Epic Chest: N


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